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Monday, August 31, 2009

Yesterday, in the midst of spinning slots at Wynn, I discovered this -

My first ever broken nail! HOW the hell do these things happen, I would like to know. What seemed like no trouble/pain at all suddenly turned into a big brouhaha over something males would classify as being no big deal. Fuck, it was (made-believe) PAINFUL!

So, I told the concierge to get me some nail clippers and went chop-chop on the little bastard that ruined my life.

Those are the remnants of my first french-ie manicure as well. Then, phoned L and he said, "You should leave it alone, let it heal by itself and then wrap it up with layers and layers of plaster." Ho ho ho, one step too late, are we not!

And, if you were wondering, me and him are fine, albeit stuck huge in poker terms. Grass and fresh air for a living, from this day on, since that day at the airport where limpei WAITED 5 freaking hours for His Majesty to appear. And, we're still being ripped off layer by layer of flesh, testing to see how far we can fall into the deathly gambling never-ending pit.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yersterday night, I was having a conversation with L on the phone, and without finalising details, the phone was hung up. Waited for a call back, yet got nothing, so I was awake till say.. 5? Then, went to bed, set double alarms to catch the flight in the morning.

Fast forward to this morning, woke up at 9.30am, which was the stipulated time. Tried to get through to L, still nothing, so dropped him an sms telling him that my flight would arrive at 3+, not 4+ like he said it would be. No reply. Packed, got my stuff ready to go, and realized that I was a teensy bit late. Got a cab, told the driver to STEP ON IT! and then, CRASH.

Car accident. Just a minor scratch on a major lorry, and I get delayed by a grand total of just 10 minutes. Reached budget terminal, only to see the gate closing before my eyes.

There, another flight missed. But wait! All is not over yet! Went to the ticketing counter to be told that all flights to Macau are either cancelled or full, until Saturday, and that the same Saturday ticket would set me back another $190. Then wouldn't it be better that I just buy a whole new ticket? I asked. And the person at the counter went, yep, Saturday flights are usually more expensive. Sheesh.

So, dropped L an sms. Still no reply. At a crossroads over what step to take next.. decided to jet to Hong Kong then ferry to Macau, since I've never been to Hong Kong before anyway. Dropped him a message. Got onto the next flight to Hong Kong on Singapore Airlines. Dropped him another message, saying that I'd be "on the 130 SQ to HK". So, according to him, he checked and there's no SQ130.

Now, let's start with a poll. How many people would just try and figure out that 130 actually means 1.30pm, or would think that I made up some ghost plane ride that goes to HK?


Then, reached HK international airport, still no sign of him. Frustrated. Basically, all means of common sense are gone here. If you can't reach someone on your phone, use someone else's. If other phones don't work, buy a prepaid card. If that doesn't work, try to call the other party's contacts. If that still fails, be there waiting, and just use a miniscule part of your brain to realize that 130 means my flight leaves at 1.30pm, and go figure out my arrival, hence, my flight number. Because on my part, I've taken a plane to have no hope of finding you, it's that hard for you to take a ferry to me?

So basically, now I'm here at the airport waiting, albeit blogging. I can't buy a ticket, because my card has zilch left, after everything's been drawn out. I can't get on the next flight, because that would mean $1k SGD, and even so, it's 8am tomorrow morning, and then 11.30am after that. I can't go anywhere, because your ass is on its way here, and I would be a bitch if I didn't wait, would I not?

All I'm hoping for right now, is a ticket home, and an end to all my misery. But, that wouldn't happen so nicely now, would it?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogger isn't working again,
lost a few thousand just now,
Lance's phone just went dead,
two more long awful days before I see him again,
period is here (which means effing cramps),
eyes sore from not wanting to sleep,
not catching a single good hand on tourney,
BROKEback land, here I come.

I live on the 15th floor, see?
I could just take a little hop off my balcony
and all this shit will be over.

Basically, I just wish L was here.
Things would be so much simpler than this.


---------------- edit

And I just busted out a tournament AK vs AA.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I feel.. LOST.
Not much to look forward to these days.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cabbage soup, which I cooked experimentally! Turned out fine, except I went a tad overboard with the salt.. worth another try though, simple and easy to make. A head of cabbage, tomatoes, sausages, chicken stock, olive oil and some pepper are all you need. You can add salt and pepper to taste, and carrots, ham and the likes as well. Just make sure you boil the cabbage nice and soft, and let the flavours melt together. Great for dieting, I must say.

Then, fondue with watermelon (!) and strawberries washed and cut. It was delicious! This stay at home thing is addictive, I stepped out to buy bubble tea earlier and I can safely say I look like your average auntie heading to the market. And L, the uncle in slippers tagging along.

And, new shoes and clothes! This pair is my personal favourite among my hoarde. Black, snakeskin, and pyramid studs. Favourite mix.

Lance is heading to Macau in a couple of days. After he missed his first flight, then his second, I figured if he still misses another, it's predestined for him not to go. Secretly I hope he does =x

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Celebrated L's 28th birthday with a seafood dinner, then KTV. Gave him a mini surprise with only Nat and Hansel early, then exceeded my reservation to fill up a room with the party of 25. Thanks everybody who came! I hope you all had fun.
Tucked into a heartening meal of Shark's Fin soup, delicious crab (specially peeled for me) and intruiging conversations. Put out fires, crab meat decor, and as always, poker theories. Then, forced the whole gang to head down to Top One, where the room was waiting for us to blow out both birthday cakes. They were delicious! And then, only a few of us sang while the others went crazy playing dice. How they finished the Martell cannon, I would never know, but both Tiger towers were left intact at the end of the night. Talked about life, career and a whole slew of other emotional stuff. All that matters is that our king had his fill.

Supper after, then home again. An empty pocket, but worth it so.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And I hereby pat myself on the back for making delicious french toast, failed baked spaghetti, so-so fried salmon and sausages, and fantastic floats, throughout the course of 3 days after me and L went Mustafa crazy at 4am. Oh the wonders of Mustafa! Now, I'm clean out of spaghetti sauce and eggs, and root beer. Time for another trip!

It's gonna be a lot of home cooking from now on. But oh god how I miss foie gras.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Whooo, finally settled down to blog, with my new camera! Must say, it's a steal for $450 at Mustafa. Yes, I went on a daybreak expedition and found the Ixus 100 among other things.

First, let me show you the apartment! The furniture was all picked out by me, except the TV console. Its white, so very much unlikely to be picked out by me, and more likely to be picked out by him. Regrets to colours and such.

And, a failed attempt yesterday at baking brownies from instant brownie mix. Looks fine, but according to my mum, it's so good that we should give it to everyone else. Yea, boo.

Oh and before I forget!
Happy BIG 20 to Tata Tan!

Pictures were before she got dead drunk. And a detour before that gave me cheap Wagyu for dinner. From Orchard to DXO to Dbl O, why the hell would all these clubs be name 3 syllables (or was it syllabus? Fuck my English) !! Yes yes, I know, Yink, I am a bimbo. Sigh. I think it was the fact that I was still dazed from waking up. Anyway, the champange, the weird sweaty dancefloor and even weirder remixes, I still have no idea why you'd choose to spend your big day here. But it was fun, and you were drunk, you probably won't remember a thing tomorrow. But, HAPPI BURFDAE anyways, Ta! Pictures will be up on Facebook once I'm on my own computer.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I'm addicted to GTA4 right now! Meet Niko Bellic, my stupid new best friend -


Best part of the game? The car jacking, Little Jacob and Pay'n'Spray. Basically the cars. Right now my game progress is only 17% yet my missions attempted has hit 52 (with less than 50% passing rate). Dis grass n'good for ma hand-eye co-ordination, seen?

On another note, Lala needs a bath desperately and an Omaha session yesterday left my boy a few geez poorer. So I resort to tummy-rubs for comfort. And, I still haven't got time to get that camera! Shit, my shopping and to-do list is piling up by the day.

NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN, Imma go koonz now.

------------ edit

Oh yeah I almost forgot! Here are some pictures from Friday I'm In LUV, courtesy of Calvin and his photographer -



There's plenty more but not uploaded, especially the image with L looking like some weird magician, love them, but I'm too lazy to scan them in. Do check out their stuff!


Saturday, August 01, 2009

Off Postsecret

15/10/1989, into fast cars, black/silver/grey, good foie gras, poker, a degenerate gambler. Hooked on appealing visuals and in love with the world's most retarded poker player, Lance.


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