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Monday, September 29, 2008

I don't understand..
Why is it that when nobody picks up the phone,
some people are THAT patient to keep holding the line?

So, brrrrrrrrg brrrrrrrrg.
And more brrrrrg brrrrrrg.

This morning, the phone couldn't stop ringing,
messages couldn't stop coming.
I just wish there was a way to answer it all
without getting my lazy ass up out of bed.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a weekend!
First, it was Zouk with Mig & Jude after work
where we got smashed and one leftover bottle of Belv.
Then, it was clique outing with Sshroomss
Where I burnt my thumb on the steak hotplate,
and had to forfeit the game.

We experimented with food mode
on each other's cameras -

Tell me, does my scallop look delish or what?

Jieying became our official corn cutter
Just place your corn on her hotplate and hey presto!
Instant cup corn HAHA.

Then in the midst of our outing,
I felt something stuck in my eye and pulled this out -

Not the finger damnnit, it's the length of hair beside it
Longer than my fringe it is!
My finger is there to show you just how long it is.
It was like something out of Saw
and YiMei almost puked.
It was wedged as a contact would be if it were stuck.
Disgusting right! I was disgusted too alright.

Then, it was off to Zouk for Carl Cox, Jacklyn & Glenn.
(In no particular order)
But came the attack of the blood relative
and I had to head home due to cramps.

When I came home, I saw my dad at home!
Pretty much shocked that I've decided to quit school though.
I am terribly rash.

But, moving on..
When I woke up it was off to FORMULA ONE BABY!
I should have NOT worn heels, but stupid me.
Now I'm blistered, but it was worth it.
Despite all the heat, sweating and walking around
It was good to see a sort of underdog win..
Alonso was it? Followed by Josberg or something or other..

I MUST thank you for the amazing experience,
but I think we will know better next year, yeah?
Please pardon my lousy camera and the lousy fence.

So right now, my thumb is burnt,
mosquito bites plague my body
because of the quay outside Zouk
my Auntie came to visit,
I'm blistered from Formula One,
and sore-eyed from the hair.

I am declaring myself officially accident-prone.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I am sick!
I am back from 16 hours of non-stop work.
Hell yeah, I just wanted to advertise myself
for being so fucking hardworking.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cover up for my old tattoo,
that apparently looks like a ----.

Drew it myself! A sakura tree branch.
That's just the outline.
Imagine the leaves green, flowers red,
branches blackwork.
Just about completes the picture.

That's all for today!
So shagged from 12 hours of work.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Last day of poker for a week for Glenn,
and vow-breaking for me.
Sushi before that, and sleep before that.
I feel like some beef carpaccio right now..

Is anybody out there interested in opening a small shop
bringing in foreign brands with me?
I think I'd like to start working full time..

Work at 4.30! Grr.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Went out with Esther and Daryl yesterday
from what was supposed to be a lunch meet-up
to a shopping excursion.
And, got to go to Revoltage for your shopping basics!
It was a comb of town for my shorts and sandals
But, at the end of the day, I found
BOTH at Revoltage. Should've just gone straight.
Had dessert at Hong Kong Cafe,
thick toast, mangosagopomelo, and Mochi!

Alrighty. School starts on Monday
and I have not TOUCHED my work.
Oh I hope school is open today.
Or else I'm screwed.
Can I pay you to do my work for me??

Monday, September 15, 2008

These past few days have been mighty eventful
What with Kudus coming, and leaving on a melody.
(I really must thank you for the note,
you made my day/week/month)
Mark's little tattoo session
and being up & down 2.4k in one night of tilt.
And now, being back from a long haul, in debt and roaring.
Had pleasant/unpleasant surprises too
Revolving around my mom getting her eyebags cut
to Nicole calling me out on a whim
(Belvedere, baby!)

So, even though I have troubles
piling on my shoulders, like NAFA etc (Screw you V)
and work waiting to be done, and apologies owed,
I must say my life is nothing short of fantastic.

Friday, September 05, 2008

After 56 hours of no sleep, project rushing, stacking chips
a few thousand cans of coke, brand's essence of chicken,
and miscelleanous deadlines.

That's my face for you.

But, only 4 hours of sleep for me right now.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I got fucked today, for school.
Oh well. So much work to do, so little time.
Now I'm at a crossroad, thinking
should I sleep first, work later
or work first, sleep later?

I am on a ROLL.

15/10/1989, into fast cars, black/silver/grey, good foie gras, poker, a degenerate gambler. Hooked on appealing visuals and in love with the world's most retarded poker player, Lance.


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