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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I know I've been back for an absolutely long period of time, but here are my updates from Macau. The pictures have been rotting in my camera, until L found the darned cable, and I get around to uploading these. Lazy him + lazy me = no deadline.

The night before setting off to Macau, Yink and I went to a place I love so much, and ate.. foie gras! This is my second plate below, half-eaten and polished off later on. Oh crap I feel the craving for it coming on again..

Then, Nic and I jetted off to Macau, 'cause busy Lance was in Chutchut (or Tuktuk, forgot which it was) Land. I say, it was the land of misery. Macau, interestingly is a land of contradiction. Famed for its casinos, and it's churches. It's two extremes, my friend! But these buildings are so old, the architecture is beautiful, even though I'm not a church fella. My aunt says I need to pray much more than others, because I'm such a degenerate gambler.

That's a confession box, according to Nic, but I wonder who's inside and who's outside? The priest inside, sinner outside, or the other way around?

Guess what these things below are, and no, it's not an art installation. These were found at the base of the lighthouse.

Below is a really ancient library, but we weren't allowed to take photos. But I managed to sneak one picture in, even though it's a tad blur (okay scrape that, very blur) but you can generally see why it's such a rustic place, can you not?

Then it was partying at D2 with Merv and everybody else, where I got smashed, I have no clue how I ended up on the hotel room floor, with Nic, Steven and Jackson snoozing away. Must thank Steven for his wicked plans. But, D2 was great, because they played TRANCE! Hell yeah.

This was the only club I'd ever seen serve fresh veggies with their alcohol. It's good that some people are trying to keep even their puke healthy, I guess. That's crackers on the left, and, cucumbers in the middle, carrots on the right, and wasabi soya sauce to boot. Yum!

Koreans, by the way, really know how to party and let loose! Most of the time when you enter Singaporean clubs, you see everybody standing around and trying to look cool. But over in Macau, once you've hit one drink or two, your inhibitions are *poof* GONE! Then you party like Sunny over here..

Okay this dragon in the picture below was NOT in D2, it's Wynn's dragon, which Ghost and Ekin generously contributed through Baccarat. Let's cheer for them! Whoohoo! Next year, there'll be a baby dragon next to it.

Gays in action, look at that squint and horror!

Then after the storm which was the previous disheartening entries, L flew over, apologised and made everything better than before.. It's a long story though, but I'm just glad its over.

See that chandelier in the picture below? Well, it's not a real chandelier, it's just graphics on a huge-ass screen over the tree (which is real). It's amazing, isn't it! I only realized it, after it was still for such a long time, and it morphed into a visualization, kind of like those in iTunes? And I couldn't stop exclaiming to L, " NOT a real chandelier! AHHHH, amazing what money can do!"

One of my big wins in slots, when the gold coins start tumbling off the machine, it's a big win. But slots is so negative that you probably paid more than you should have for just this.. but I like Riches of the Amazon though, when you get to Macau you should try. Jackpot party!

Okay that's all for now.. longest post I've done in ages. See you!

15/10/1989, into fast cars, black/silver/grey, good foie gras, poker, a degenerate gambler. Hooked on appealing visuals and in love with the world's most retarded poker player, Lance.


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